Italian man says he ‘can’t live here anymore’ as fiancé orders pineapple pizza

It’s an age-old debate that splits people down the middle – does pineapple belong on pizza?

Plenty of people like a little bit of sweetness included among their pizza toppings and the ‘Hawaiian’ ham and pineapple is an incredibly popular choice with diners.

However, pizza purists who appreciate a good sourdough base shudder at the thought of scattering pieces of super-sweet fruit on top of their pie.

So what happens when a man from Italy, the home of the classic pizza, gets engaged to an American woman, where the pizza has evolved into a doughy, deep-dish delight?

A US woman on TikTok named Sarah has laid bare the divide between the two nations when it comes to pizza when she decided to wind up her Italian fiancé while out at dinner.

Filming his reaction across the table, she asks: “Carlo, do you think if I asked for pineapple on pizza, they’d give it to me?”

Looking up from his phone, her fiancé stares back in disgust for a few seconds, seemingly lost for words at the ludicrous suggestion.

Then he replies: “I don’t know but if you do something so… I can’t continue to live here.”

Realising she’s got exactly the reaction she wants, Sarah says: “Why? Everyone does it in America.”

Carlo then says: “If somebody knows that you’re my fiancé and here you ask for pineapple I can’t live here.”

When Sarah tells her fiancé he’s being “so dramatic,” he mimics the words in her voice before saying: “pineapple in the pizza” with a look of horror on his face.

So that’s settled then – pineapple on pizza lovers should feel free to ask for their favourite topping when ordering a pizza, but perhaps not while dining with an Italian…