I let my 15-year-old daughter get a tattoo and I don’t regret it at all’

Many teenagers find themselves receiving an adamant “no way” when they ask their parents for permission to get a tattoo.

In fact, a lot of parents remain unhappy about their offspring being inked even after they pass the legal age of consent, with strong feelings on either side.

But one mum has explained why she let her 15-year-old get a tattoo – and has no regrets about the decision.

Writing for Kidspot, Diana Register admits that she thinks it too easy to walk into a studio and receive a tattoo, which has no meaning behind it.

And she accepts that a lot of youngsters who get tattoos probably grow up to regret the permanent inking.

But she let her daughter Kaitlyn get a tattoo – in order to honour her dad, who sadly passed away from cancer when she was 13 years old.

Admitting that she wasn’t sure about it at first, Kaitlyn’s wish to pay tribute to her dad Chad won her over, after recalling how brave she was when he passed away.

Chad passed away after a battle with pancreatic cancer, leaving his two daughters and Diana, his wife, devastated.

After his death, eldest daughter Savanna got a tattoo of the Roman numerals, ‘I IV IX’ (149) – which was Chad’s police badge number, so Diana understood that Kaitlyn wanted something similar.

Writing about the tattoo, Diana said: “I started thinking about the meaning and it was so much deeper than just numbers.

“You see, after his valiant fight with his disease, his badge number has become synonymous with strength, courage and hope. That’s what it means to me, and clearly what it means to my kids.”

As he took his last breath, Kaitlyn had held her dad’s hand “much in the same way that he held hers when she took her first,” Diana added.

So when she proposed getting a tattoo in honour of her dad, the mum-of-two knew she couldn’t say no.

She said: “As for me, the day before he died, I asked for a copy of his ECG.

“I have his real heartbeat tattooed on my foot so every time I look down I know he’s with me. It’s part of him that is still alive.”

Diana added: “So yes, I let my 15-year-old get a tattoo and no, I don’t care what anybody has to say about it, because they have shown me, you, and anybody else who will listen to what surviving looks like.

“They get to show that off however they damn well want to.

“They’ve earned it.”